Publishing Information

Publishing Instructions

Whether you are publishing your app for the first time, or submitting an update to the app stores, publishing to both iTunes and Google Play is incredibly easy! We take care of publishing your apps for you, to ensure that each application is submitted to both the iTunes and Google Play stores as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Initial Submissions:

Submitting your app for the first time can be accomplished in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Click the blue “PUBLISH” button at the top right-hand corner of your app dashboard

Upon clicking “PUBLISH” for the first time, you will be taken to the the Publishing Info section of the app dashboard. Here you will fill in the publishing information associated with your app that will appear on the app store(s).

  • App Store Title: This is the name of the app that will appear in the app store(s). When a user attempts to search for your app in the app store(s), they will enter this name. Please note: App store names are limited to 30 characters.
  • App Icon Name: This is the name that will be displayed beneath the app icon on a user’s mobile device, once the app has been downloaded. Please note: Icon names are currently limited to 12 characters. Also, they cannot contain special characters or start with a number.
  • App Description: This is the description of your app, that will appear in the app store(s). When adding the description, be sure to include (in detail) the primary functionality of the app, and the audience the app is intended for.
  • Keywords: To help improve searchability for your app(s), you can include keywords with your submission that will help users find your app in the app stores. When entering keywords, please be sure to separate them with a comma (“,”). Please note: Keywords are only used by the Apple iTunes store. At this time, Google Play does not utilize keywords.

After filling in this information, please click on the “YES, SUBMIT FOR PUBLISHING” button.

Step 2: Email us at our support email, confirming that the app is ready for publishing.

Once you have clicked the blue “PUBLISH” button, please email us at our support email, indicating that the app is ready for publishing. In the email, please include:

  • A brief note indicating that the app is ready for publishing
  • The name of the app
  • The app ID of the app: The app ID is located in the Help section of the app dashboard, underneath the Important Resources section.

Once we receive your email, our team will take screenshots of your application, and immediately submit your app to the app store(s). Please note: We will not be able to submit your initial application, until you email our support team. Also, if you would like to request specific screenshots, please do so in your email to our support team.

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App Updates:

Changes to a few select items within the app will require a resubmission to the app store(s). These items include: The app icon, the loading screen, screen shots, and any changes to the publishing info (ie. Store name, icon name, description, or keywords).

In the event that you change one or more of the items above, please carry out the same steps found with the initial submission (above), and we will publish the update to the app store(s). Your app will continue to function normally on users mobile devices, and will reflect the changes once Apple/Google Play have reviewed and approved the update. Please note: We will not be able to submit your app update, until you email our support team.


  1. How long will it take for Apple/Google Play to review my application?: Once submitted to the app store(s), we do not have any control over the review timeline. Google Play has an average review period of 2-4 business days until your app is approved for download. Apple has an average review period of 2-3 weeks until your app is approved for download.
  2. How can I best prepare my app so that it is approved by the app store(s)?: To ensure your app has the best opportunity for approval, please make sure that all of your current widgets are completed with the appropriate content (ie. please do not leave any widgets empty). Also, please be sure your publishing information is filled out in its entirety, and that you have an accurate and detailed description. Finally, please be sure that you have uploaded an app icon and loading screens to the appearance section.
  3. If I change the background image, add/delete a widget, or change app content, will I need to resubmit to the app store(s)?: With our SMARTsync technology, any changes that you make to the majority of the app content will be updated instantly. To ensure content is updated in the live app (both in the store(s), and on a user’s mobile device) be sure to click the blue “PUBLISH” button after making any changes, which will push the changes to the live app. If, however, you change any of the items listed in the App Updates section above, this will require in a resubmission to the app store(s).