People Widget

The People widget is a great way to give your users information about your staff members, leadership, etc. You can include pictures, name, position title, description/bio/text (via a wysiwyg), videos (via a wysiwyg), phone number, email, website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Utilize the wysiwyg in the description to include more than just text, such as videos, images, forms, etc. This is a great way to give your users more insight into who your team is.


Some of our clients utilize the People widget for more than just staff information. Some of them use it for things like digital bulletins, announcement info, and other things if the would like to display the contact information or links as well.

1. Click “Add Widget”

2. Create a section, title it, give it a summary description, and choose/upload an icon.

3. Click “Add Item” and fill out the following fields:
– First and Last Name
– Position Title
– Description: this is a wysiwyg so that you can include images, videos, forms etc.
– Phone Number: enter as a string of numbers
– Email
– Web links (website, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

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