Loyalty Widget

Our built in Loyalty widget is a great system that allows your users to accumulate points and redeem these points for specials and incentives that you offer.

Unlike other “punch card” systems, our Loyalty widget works for any type of business because it allows you to set any and all promotions that you want and associate a redemption point value that you feel is appropriate based on profit margin and availability.

Loyalty Mockup 3

Utilize the Loyalty widget with push notifications to drive traffic and response. Remember, you can add new items, change point redemption values, and point accumulation values at any time. For example, let’s say you typically give 50 points per visit and 10 points per dollar spent. Perhaps today you’d like to give 100 points per visit and 20 points per dollar spent between 2PM and 4PM. Simply change the amounts in the back office, then use a push notification that goes out an hour before that says “Come in between 2-4PM and get 2x points for your visit and each dollar spent!”

In addition to a loyalty program, your loyalty widget will also act as a lead generator. This is because in order to accumulate points, your users will need to setup an account. Once they do, you will be able to export their data under “Users”.

1A. If the loyalty widget is not already in place, click “Add Widget” in the menu and then click the Loyalty widget.
1B. If the loyalty widget is already in place, click “Add Widget” in the menu and then click the Loyalty widget.

2. Title your widget and give it an icon. We suggest using the name “Loyalty”, “Loyalty Points”, “Specials”, or something of the like.

3. Fill in the following fields:
– Upload a top image
– Set “Rewards Per Visit”: credits extra points for each point accumulation transaction.
– Set “Rewards Per Dollars Spent”: credits points per dollar spent.
– Set “Daily Limit”: puts a limit on how many points people can accumulate per day.
– Set “Redemption Passcode”: creates a secure environment so that users cannot add points to their own account. This can be changed at any time.

4. Create your deals and click “Publish”.

5. Promote often!

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