Folder Widget

With folders, you can put multiple widget types within the same tab, which makes them a great way to be able to categorize your widgets however you’d like. You can even create folders within folders. When adding widgets to a folder, you have three different options:
1. Adding an Existing Widget: This is where you can either move or copy widgets that exist on the home page.
2. Adding a New Widget: This will allow you to choose any widget to place inside of your folder.
3. Empty Item List: You can use this just as a list of items that don’t need to be clickable.

Did you know that if you have a widget that has sections/items (i.e. the Media Center Widget, People Widget, etc.), the system will recognize when there is only one section or item and automatically skip into it so that it minimizes the number of clicks that your users must perform? For example, if you have Media Center widget that has only one section and one item within that section, when your users click on the media center it will take them right into the item content? Pretty cool, huh?