Events Widget

The Event widget is a great way to keep your users up to date on the events and happenings associated with your business or organization. Just like the media center, you can either create manually entered events (including recurring events) or simply sync in your iCal feed from a variety of providers. You can include and create as many event sections as you would like.

If you have multiple initiatives that are clearly distinct from one another, you should separate them into multiple sections. For example, if you are a sports club that has a baseball and soccer schedule, you should keep them as two separate calendars. If you have multiple age groups underneath each one of these initiatives, you should also consider using multiple calendars for these as well. For example, if you have a different schedule for the various age groups within these sports, you should separate them into multiple calendars.

When you sync your iCal feed(s), your events will automatically populate on the app when you add them to your calendar, whether from your phone or desktop.

1. Add an Events Widget and create a section. Title the section and choose/upload an icon.

2. Click “iCal” and paste in your iCal feed.
**Remember, you can create multiple sections and add multiple calendars. See Pro Tip #1 for best practice info.

1. Add an Events widget and create a section. Title the section and choose/upload an icon.

2. Click “Manual” to create a manual entry calendar.

3. Add as many events as you want with the information you’d like to provide including:
– Title: name of the event
– Location: address of the event. This will give people the ability to get instant directions to the event via GPS.
– When: time/day of the event. You can make them stand alone events or recurring events.
– Description: description of the event.
– Web URL: if you would like to link to a web page, you can enter the corresponding URL to which you want to point people.

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