Embedding Forms

Embedding forms (we recommend using Google Docs, for example) via the Text widget is a great way to have signup forms, gather information, etc. while maintaining a native experience for your users.

Rather than just linking to forms via a web view (which you can also do), embedding forms is a great way to make the forms available in a native, user friendly manner. When embedding forms into a wysiwyg (such as what exists in the Text widget), simply do the following:
1. Copy the form’s embed code
2. Click the “< >” (aka source code editor) button in the toolbar
3. Paste your embed code into this field.
**If you would like the form to be responsive, you can follow Pro Tip #1 EXCEPT that instead of making the height “auto”, make it something really big like “4000”. This will make sure that the form extends far enough down the page.


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